INTRODUCTION | Inclusive of all major faith communities

Established in 2007, the Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum (WCRLF) brings together representatives of all the major faith communities in the Province. Under the Patronship of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, representatives of the African Traditional, Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Quaker denominations are all united in their diversity. Their goal is to work together, in partnership with national, provincial and local governments and civil society, to amplify the voices of the poor and marginalised and promote ethical behaviour. Read more

PROGRAMME AREAS | Working in partnership with civil society and government across sectors

Democracy, Rights, Values & Freedom

  Through the Democracy, Rights, Values & Freedom Programme, WCRLF are involved in a wide range of projects, including:     ECCOC – Electoral Code […]

Family & Community Restoration

  Through the Family & Community Restoration Programme, and in partnership with the South African Faith & Family Institute (SAFFI), WCRLF are active in the […]

Environmental Justice

The WCRLF welcomes the city’s wise and open minded approach to the energy crisis and, together with our partner, the Southern African Faith Communities Environment […]

Gender Justice

In South Africa, the call for gender justice is hindered by the religious views that a significant part of our society holds to patriarchy and […]

Election Watch

WCRLF convenes a multi-disciplinary team of respected sectorial leaders, chaired by WCRLF Patron Archbishop Thabo Makgoba in order to form the Electoral Code of Conduct […]

Social Justice

The process of community development and service delivery is beleaguered by the scourge of corruption-the effects of which impact fatefully on the lives of the […]